Rhino is redefining what it means to inspire people in a remote world.

Rhino’s mission is to make renting smarter and more affordable for renters. Our dedication to this mission informs everything we do — including our decision to go remote in 2020 to make sure the renters who rely on us wouldn’t have interruptions in their coverage.

To help us during this pivot, we developed strong company values that every member of our team uses to guide their work and stay connected to our business goals despite being remote. Our core values do more than align our work, they define why we work.

We have discovered that preserving our company culture and…

Help your leasing teams and renters get the most value from Rhino

Rhino is a solution proven to drive value for owners, but renters still have questions about how it works, when to use it, and how it’s different from traditional deposits. We’re here to help you answer those questions. Reducing back-and-forth and clearing up confusion gets more renters in the door and more leases converted.

Foster genuine relationships with your renters to incentivize lease renewal

Getting renters to renew their lease is a high-stakes game. Vacancies can cost between $2500 and $5000 for some properties, and even the most attractive units can get stuck on the market. Today’s property owners and managers can employ retention strategies at many points throughout the lease term with near-immediate impact.

We’ve provided some tips at three specific moments during the lease term, but you should test out strategies at multiple touchpoints to find what works best for your communities.

Rhino has saved over $250 million for renters nationwide by helping them hold onto their cash at move-in. Delivering this financial flexibility is central to our work and informs every decision we make, especially when it comes to growing our team. Coming off of our latest $95mm funding round, we’re faced with a massive opportunity to invest in our mission and the people we serve.

The first step in doing that is doubling our headcount over the next 12 months. We’re looking to add talented people to our team (NY and distributed across the country) in order to deliver Rhino…

How to build marketing strategy that speaks to Gen Z renters

By the end of 2021, over 50% of all renters will be under the age of 30. In the next 5 years, marketing to young people who’ve spent their entire lives on the internet will become a reliable way to keep occupancy high. Here are some insights your team can use to prepare for a seismic shift in how people experience the rental process.

1. Reach out to real estate influencers

Social media does wonders for exposure and when it comes to getting properties leased, the more eyeballs the better. Growing your social media accounts organically however can take lots of time and effort. Avoid that hassle…

Rhino Publishes ‘Common Ground,’ A Research Report of Housing Policies With Immediate Impact

America is facing an unprecedented housing crisis. Millions of our neighbors are confronting rising rent costs, a shortage of affordable housing, and potential eviction. We cannot wait any longer to find solutions to this problem — we must act now. In order to inspire action to combat challenges of housing affordability and accessibility, Rhino spent several months researching and writing Common Ground: Addressing America’s Housing Challenges, a policy paper that recommends creative, effective policies and common-sense solutions that have been successfully implemented across the country.

At Rhino, we build products that give Americans greater financial flexibility, ensure property owners stay…

Miami and Los Angeles mayors join Rhino in urging more leaders to deliver immediate relief to renters

Today, Miami Mayor Francis Suarez, a Republican, and Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti, a Democrat, joined Rhino Chairman Ankur Jain in authoring a piece published by CNN calling on city and state leaders across the country to follow the proven model for legislative action that Rhino has worked to drive in Cincinnati, Ohio and Atlanta, Georgia.

This collaboration remains essential as renters around the country continue to search for financial relief. While the federal stimulus package passed in April provided short-lived assistance for families in the form of $1,200 checks delivered to Americans making less than $75,000 a year, those…

Tips to create top class resident experiences at your properties

Owner/operators who use emerging technology solutions to address changing needs of residents are experiencing measurable advantages at their properties. Investing in technology solutions gives you a leg up when it comes to attracting new residents, boosting current resident satisfaction, and increasing resident retention. Whether it’s helping you reopen common spaces in accordance with COVID-19 regulations, helping you decrease upfront costs at move-in, or making it easier to get listings off the market, here are some helpful tips for using technology to provide residents with the high quality living experiences that set your properties apart:

Make your buildings more accessible with keyless entry

Keyless entry is one of the…

How owner/operators and their leasing teams can reclaim time

Looking for easy-to-implement ways to maximize profit at your properties? Creating efficient processes and making incremental changes to save time at the property level creates scalable impact on your bottom line. Through our close work with thousands of owner/operators across America, we’ve gotten an inside look at some of the methods they use to be more efficient in their leasing process. More importantly, we’ve seen firsthand how these methods convert to real financial impact.

We’ve compiled a list of steps for owner/operators to take at their properties to increase efficiency today.

Check in with your renewing residents yearly to inspect their unit

In some cases, multi-year tenants leave more cumulative damage…

Our commitment to building an insurance product with the best protection for owners

Rhino has become a trusted partner to owner/operators in over 1 million homes nationwide because of the entirely unique product we’ve built. We took an old concept in the traditional surety bond, kept the components that protect owners and help renters save money, and got rid of the parts that don’t fit real estate transactions. We created a surety bond no one has ever seen before. It’s propelled our growth since our founding in 2016, and today Rhino has processed $1 billion in lease transactions.

Every alteration we made to the surety bond model was to maximize protection for owners…

Team Rhino

Our mission is to give renters financial alternatives to afford the homes they want.

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