How owners can use technology to rethink and create new amenities

Tips to create top class resident experiences at your properties

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3 min readNov 30, 2020


Owner/operators who use emerging technology solutions to address changing needs of residents are experiencing measurable advantages at their properties. Investing in technology solutions gives you a leg up when it comes to attracting new residents, boosting current resident satisfaction, and increasing resident retention. Whether it’s helping you reopen common spaces in accordance with COVID-19 regulations, helping you decrease upfront costs at move-in, or making it easier to get listings off the market, here are some helpful tips for using technology to provide residents with the high quality living experiences that set your properties apart:

Make your buildings more accessible with keyless entry

Keyless entry is one of the fastest growing amenity requests from residents, and that number has continued to rise through the COVID-19 pandemic. Owners can choose from a number of mobile platforms that allow residents to access spaces around the property, open their own front doors, and manage their guests. Some of these platforms also come with the ability to allow residents to reserve common spaces in your buildings, which for many owners has proven especially helpful in keeping public spaces open while maintaining safety and minimizing contact between residents. There are a suite of options for these platforms available for owners of all types, click here for a list that we found helpful.

Explore virtual staging for your listings

Staged listings always close faster. Many owners are using virtual staging as a low-cost, time-efficient option to show their properties in the best light. Some virtual staging solutions also offer different staging designs, allowing you to change the entire look and feel of your property with a push of a button. This type of customizability is a serious advantage that makes your listings stand out from the crowd, and as multifamily housing is already transitioning to more virtual showings, exploring the best virtual staging solutions is a no-brainer. Click here to learn about some of the options out there today.

Offer Rhino at your properties

Rhino uses technology to give you a vendor experience that plugs into all of your current processes. Rhino’s quote-to-bind time is about 75 seconds, meaning you won’t have to wait for a renter to complete enrollment once the sign-up process begins. After sign-up, all of the information you need about the resident and their policy is logged into your Rhino portal, which you can access at any time. Our digital enrollment process is a seamless experience for renters and owners alike, so much so that a new renter signs up for Rhino every three minutes.

Capitalize on existing tech trends (Hint: grocery delivery kiosks and bike share access)

The number of people using grocery delivery services had already been increasing year over year before the COVID-19 pandemic. It has now become one of the fastest growing of any service. Additionally, more Americans are using bike share and e-scooter sharing services than ever before. Owners can capitalize on this growth by outfitting properties with kiosks to receive grocery deliveries, including a notification system for when they arrive. Owners can also work with local bike share companies to explore opportunities to give residents greater access to docking stations and advertise the service in their listings. These may be small steps, but they can play a big part in helping create the reputation that attracts residents to your communities and helps you hit your goals.

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