Rhino is officially available on the RealPage marketplace as a certified OneSite Vendor

Team Rhino
2 min readAug 19, 2020

We want our partners to be able to leverage their familiarity with their own property management software to get the most out of offering Rhino and avoid the hassle of acclimating to a new digital experience. In the spirit of this, our new RealPage integration allows owners to plug the Rhino portal right into RealPage, erasing the barriers between our platform and theirs. This synchronization allows technological innovation to truly reach its full potential.

What this means for owners

An easy experience becomes even easier.

This partnership increases the footprint of our suite of property management software integrations that includes Yardi Voyager, Rent Manager, MRI, and others. Our partners who use RealPage will now have access to a robust set of tools to maximize the effectiveness of Rhino.

What this means for Rhino


More partners and more residents. As the second largest management software across multifamily housing, adding RealPage to our existing integrations allows us to offer a seamless experience to thousands more partners and in turn, millions more residents at their properties. When we serve owners without disrupting their leasing processes, the possibilities are endless.


Rhino is now certified by the two largest property management softwares across multifamily leasing. Together, Yardi and Realpage are leveraged by over ⅔ of owners across the country. When we factor in our established and growing relationships with other leasing technologies like Rent Manager, and MRI, as well as the development of our custom Webhook-based API, it becomes clear that established technology companies have acknowledged Rhino as a solution that is here to stay.


RealPage certification unlocks new abilities for passive exposure to the Rhino product. Being listed as a trusted RealPage partner on their platform allows us to take steps to further maximize our impact and attract owners who may not have learned about Rhino’s value otherwise.

Our approach to tech

Adding a RealPage partnership to our growing list of property management software partnerships — one that already includes Yardi and several others — helps us deliver on our promise of meeting owners where they are. -Bryan Woods, CTO

A large metric of our success is the ability to plug into processes that already exist, making implementation of Rhino as simple as possible. Additionally, technology platforms will never reach their full potential if they operate within a silo, unable to interact with other platforms that have cemented their place in leasing processes. In an industry that has historically been slow in adopting new technology, it’s essential to build digital solutions that take into account and work with the digital resources that are already proven and accepted across the industry. We think it’s much smarter to build with the grain instead of against it.



Team Rhino

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