Rhino’s work to create housing affordability will always be intertwined with the reality facing Americans. As that reality evolves, compassion must be a part of the path forward. Right now Black Americans are fighting for their ability to be safe. This fight is a necessary one, and Rhino condemns all violence against people standing up to prejudice and hate. We will not accept systemic racism and intolerance as permanent parts of what it means to call America home. Our team pledges to support movements for equality.

As a start, we’ll be making a donation to Black Lives Matter as well as matching our employees’ donations to groups and movements that are carrying out this work.

This list includes organizations such as:


The Advancement Project

Color of Change

The NAACP Legal Defense Fund

There are certainly other groups outside of this list that are focused on more local issues. Seek them out. Rhino believes in supporting organizations that represent the future we want to see. We’ll continue this work until we get there.


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