The Tip of the Iceberg

Local solutions to support the multifamily industry this coming fall

City Council Member Cindy Bass-Philadelphia,PA

City Council Member Andria McClellan- Norfolk, VA

City Council Member Matt Westmoreland-Atlanta, GA

January-March ~80%

April-May ~60%

June ~54%

July ~37%

Norfolk, VA covering up to 6 month’s rent+utilities for some renters

Atlanta, GA allocating $22 million to rental assistance to help ~7000 families cover at least 3 months of rent

The “Open Norfolk” program, designed to help businesses reopen safely and as quickly as possible based on pandemic health guidelines, in hopes that more people can resume their jobs and be able to pay rent again.

The work of Norfolk’s Chief Resilience Officer, a position created within their government 10 years ago that has yielded large success in recovery efforts from both environmental and financial events. Specifically, the office of the CRO has spearheaded the city’s involvement in the “Bank On” program, which helps citizens understand strategies around building savings to stay prepared for adverse life events



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Team Rhino

Our mission is to give renters financial alternatives to afford the homes they want.